I/U Tip Hair Extensions

About this item

1.Italian Keratin: The Pre Bonded Hair Ends are Made of High Quality Italian Keratin Glue Which is Soft and Have No Damage to Your Natural Hair and Scalp.

2.Cold Fusion Hair Extensions: I Tip Hair Extension Requires No Heat for Application and is Also No Glue Used Because You Apply I-Tip Sticks with Micro Beads or Rings. Easy To Apply and Remove.

3.Semi Permanent: I Tip Extension is A Kind of Semi Permanent Hair Extensions which Come with A Strand-By-Strand Method. This Method Make the Extra Hair Doesn't Have to Taken off Each Day. 3-5 Packs for Adding Volume and Stretching Length.

4.Reusable: I tip Human Hair Extensions is Reusable, And Any Extensions that may Have Slid down or off Can Be Fixed in about An Hour by An Experienced Technician.

5.Create Highlights and Add Color: Since Stick Tip Hair Extensions Come as Individual Strands, You Can Combine Different Colors and Create Cool Highlights. This is where Extensions Become Fun and Creative!